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About Us

Hello, my name is Casey, owner of Foto Staging. After 8+ years of photography, the question I still try to answer on every shoot is: How do I showcase this space in the best possible light to give this space an emotional attachment to the prospective viewer?  Every space has a story, and great photos can articulate the care and love that individuals have put into their space. Every angle tells a story, let us tell yours. When I'm not creating stories with photos I enjoy golf, soccer, flying, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, snow boarding, and traveling.


Realtors this is your portal to discover a vast array of products and services to help your listings shine above the competition. Some of our products and services include photography, virtual tours, virtual staging, floorplans and video.


Professional photography enhances builders' and architects' work by capturing stunning visuals of projects. High-quality images showcase design details, materials, and craftsmanship, attracting clients and partners. These photos serve as effective marketing tools, improving brand reputation and increasing opportunities for business growth.

Short term rental

Professional photography for Airbnb/VRBO listings enhances the appeal of properties by capturing their best features, optimal lighting, and composition. This leads to higher booking rates and increased rental income, as attractive images create a positive first impression and instill trust in potential guests,
ultimately boosting the property's marketability and success.


Professional headshots and portraits enhance personal branding, conveying competence, approachability, and professionalism. They foster a strong first impression, boosting credibility in business and social contexts, facilitating networking, and increasing engagement on websites and social media.

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